Discounts and Rewards

Insurance Discounts Reward Safety Efforts

The number of residential property insurance companies offering insurance discounts for fire-hardened homes and communities has increased since Commissioner Lara took office in 2019.

Several companies offer discounts now for homes in a Firewise communities, and all providers will be required to offer discounts soon, according to the Department of Insurance.

If your insurer is on the list below, contact your provider and give them a copy of our Firewise Certificate.


Remember, to maintain our Firewise “in good standing status”, we must document our “Time and Expense” efforts by October. Turn in your printed copies to [email protected] or to South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue Station #2 (Al Tahoe).

The Department of Insurance has already approved the FAIR Plan to begin offering insurance discounts and expects to have other companies approved by the end of the year. The FAIR Plan has offered a 10% discount on policies in a participating Firewise Community since May 2018. Now, the FAIR Plan is offering two more wildfire hardening discounts: one for Protecting the Structure, and another for Protecting the Immediate Surroundings of the dwelling. When applied, these discounts reduce the wildfire portion of the policy’s premium by 10% and 5% respectively.

Depending on your level of wildfire risk, this can be a large component of the overall premium. Contact your broker to find out what this means for your premium, how to qualify, and when you could receive a discount.

For more information on submitting your Time and Expense Sheets, click the button below. 

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