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“The most powerful force of change in our world is the individual — one who takes action and makes a positive difference.” 

         . . . Natalye Paquin , President and CEO of Points of Light

Our new Street Ambassador program needs resident volunteers to help get the word out about our Firewise program in Al Tahoe.

We are currently “Building a Community” of volunteers to meet with neighbors, who may be new to Al Tahoe, or may not know about Firewise USA and the many benefits the program has in keeping our community safer from wildfires. 

Volunteers will be handing out our “Go Bags” filled with useful information, brochures and pamphlets, while building a sense of community.  You can choose to meet and greet your neighbors on your own block or street or a larger area if you want!

We need to spread the word about why residents should be doing their defensible space and home hardening mitigation in and around their homes, and understanding the importance of submitting their “Time and Expense” mitigation effort forms for our annual report.   It’s as simple as that!

By residents doing their defensible space and then documenting their hours and costs, it will not only protect our community, but will help reduce our insurance costs as well.

Our wonderful Al Tahoe neighborhood needs a few short hours of your time, so please join our dedicated team of fun and caring volunteers. 

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